E.co appa with his two daughters who can't seem to get along(´∀`)

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[TRANS] 140903 - It’s Joyㅎ


Hello~~♥ It’s Joyㅎ
Thank you so so much for today!
Am I allowed to receive this much love..
So many people wished me happy birthday today
to the point where I was so touched, and it made me think like thatㅎㅎ
I’ll work as hard as all the people who worked hard
to send their love to me!! I’ll give you guys happiness~
Thank you to everybodyㅜㅜ Tears from being so touchedㅜㅜ
I love you


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( t/n: chuseok is, to put simply, basically a korean thanksgiving )


Hello~ It’s Red Velvet’s baby-faced leader, Irene. I hope you spend your Chuseok well, eat a lot of delicious stuff, and have a good time with your family members~ Let us all be happy HAPPINESS


Hello. It’s teddy…

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         GO EUNBI                                                      KWON RISAE
         1992-2014                                                           1991-2014

                              REST IN ETERNAL PEACE

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Heaven now has two beautiful angels. Rest peacefully together, RiSe & EunB. You will be missed.

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taemin dancing mamacita with super junior on his encore stage

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Taemin’s First Win at Music Bank - Congrats taemin♡ #Taemin1stWin #괴도1stWin

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#Taemin1stWin - Congratulations, Taemin!!~ ^^,♥

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